Thursday, March 8, 2012


Every day there are examples of things once held as constants being reworked, refined and tweaked which is why I decided to call my Blog Tweak This.  I had thought of calling it by an expression I often use when I hear an incredible story. I would say That’s The Best One Yet.  Well Tweak This will stand but here follows a news item that clearly falls into my Best One Yet category.           
I frequently come across a news item that I want to share with you but by the time I do you’ve likely heard about it already. Because I find “news items” special I choose to share them regardless of their possibly being a bit stale.
            McDonald’s recently had to pull a radio commercial and issue an apology after the commercial said that eating its new chicken bites was safer than petting a pit bull.  That of course pissed off pit bull owners who got on McDonald’s case prompting the apology. When it comes to political correctness THAT’S THE BEST ONE YET! What do the dog owners mean, that petting a pit bull is safer than eating a chicken bite? You’ve got to be *#$@%^&* me. Shame on McDonald’s for succumbing.  The assertion that petting a pit bull is not all that safe could be taken as humorous or…TRUE.
            On another note, almost every day we encounter folks who are as aptly named for their professional endeavors as can be.  This case in point comes from a news story that the U.S. Constitution appears to be losing its appeal as a model for constitutional drafters elsewhere. That’s according to a new study co-authored by a Washington University professor named David S. Law.
            I have to research whether there’s ever been a piece of legislation passed designed to quell civil disorders and whether it might have been authored by and named for a legislator named Riot so that when the law had to be invoked guilty parties could be read the Riot Act.


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